Online Backup – Q&A

As a business we understand you have questions about online backup and of course we’ll provide the answers. So to start it off we’ll keep it simple and answer a few easy topics.  If you would like to add a question to the existing list or discuss them simply reply below.

 What is Online Backup?

Online backup is basically a method of offsite data storage whereby your businesses documents, files, folders, systems, databases, server operating systems, emails or the even the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection. Online backup service providers offer this offsite backup, which is absolutely necessary for disaster recovery in case files become lost or damaged.

To see what can and cannot be backed up online, CubeTech’s full features can be found here:

 Why is Online Backup Necessary?

The reason for acquiring online backup is simple. By backing up data continuously (or as frequently as needed) on a remote server, the risk of your businesses data loss as a result of file corruption, fire, theft, or other natural disasters is practically eliminated. You can safely access or restore any lost files by using any server with high-speed Internet connection and a Web browser interface. Privacy and security are assured with encryption and password protection.

CubeTech houses servers across Australia  which feature hourly replication.  What this means is that if one server is offline there are others that are available for your businesses online backup is safe.

 How Long Will the Online Backup Take?

High-speed Internet connections will obviously speed up the time it takes to back up your files and folders. Its all dependent on how much data you want to backup and the speed of your connection.  Needless to say CubeTech’s invested a considerable amount of capital to make sure the connection is not bottlenecked from their side. This means your upload speed will be maxed out before CubeTech’s.

Initial backups can take from hours to days depending on the volume and size of the data that is required to back up. That’s why many people opt to conduct this during off-peak hours or even weekends. To overcome this problem, we can send you a USB hard drive and the first backup can be completed this will cut down the first backup immediately.

Time taken for subsequent and routine backups will be much shorter once the first backup is complete as only the changes or new documents will need to be copied and stored. This is called incremental backups and CubeTech has this enabled for all backups. To learn more about CubeTech’s incremental service click here.

 How Secure Will My Businesses Data be?

Many online backup companies offer different forms of encryption and security. As this is probably one of the most prominent questions we get asked we think its probably best to go into a bit of detail about the encryption process. At CubeTech we take your businesses’s data confidentiality and integrity seriously. Because of this we have built our encryption around this; To start with our encryption is 256bit encrypted meaning it is of the same standard as world banks and the military. It is transferred over secure channels and stored on servers that have extremely limited access. When stored, it is stored encrypted. CubeTech employers cant even understand what the information is. During the setup process you select the key that will be used for encrypting the data. If you lose this key, we wont be able to recover the data. Thats how seriously we take your confidentiality and integrity of your data.

 Can I backup files while my server is completing operational tasks?

Yes you can safely backup up open files and programs while they are running. At CubeTech we tailor your schedule around your work tasks to make sure there is no performance degradation around the backup process. At CubeTech we work closely with the Customer to make sure their backup sets work perfectly for them.

 Is it possible to restore data to a different server than the one that was backed up?

Absolutely, the application just needs to be installed onto the server you want and you can recover what ever you like. Alternatively you can access the website and recover directly from the server.